Australian School of Shotokan Karate - Western Australia

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National Chief Instructor: Sensei Keith Geyer



Nanadan (7th)
JKA Qualifications:
Instructor: A
Examiner: A
Judge: A

Keith Geyer Sensei has practised the art of Karate for almost five decades  under the guidance of Stan Schmidt Sensei, whom he regards as the most  prominent western Shotokan Karate practitioner in the world, a man who  leads by example and has influenced thousands of karate ka in a positive  way.

Keith Sensei has visited and trained in Japan many times in order to improve  his skill and knowledge. Much of this time was under the expert  guidance of the late Masatoshi Nakayama Shihan.

He regards the four months spent with the Japanese team when they  were preparing for a world championship during the “Golden Era’ of JKA  as one of the most significant times of his development. Training in  classes that were taught by Sensei’s Nakayama, Kanazawa, Asai and Abe,  and sparring on a daily basis with Sensei’s Tanaka, Mori, Yahara, in  sessions that can only be described as ferocious where his main goal was  survival, contributed greatly to his development as a karate ka. This  exposure to so many karate masters deepened his appreciation for the  spirit and traditions of Shotokan karate. Early morning training during  this time in Japan was spent at Hoitsugan, Nakayama sensei’s private  dojo. Keith Sensei realises that it was a great honour and privilege to have  been taught by Nakayama Sensei, a direct student of Funakoshi Sensei,  and the one selected personally to pass on the art of karate to modern  day practitioners.

Sensei Keith's lifetime of dedication to the art of karate, and his  personal achievements as a karateka, were recognised In February 2015  when he was honoured by being appointed a member of the Japan Karate  Association’s Shihankai panel.

 The Keith Geyer Karate Dojo is the Honbu (Headquarters) of the JKA-SKC Australasia Association and was established in 2001. 

Chief Instructor: Sensei Edji Zenel


Sensei Edji commenced karate training in 1974 at a small club (Dojo) in Melbourne, Victoria. In 1977 Sensei Edji established his first Shotokan karate club in Preston. He is a passionate karate practitioner (Karate-ka) and has trained under some of the worlds greatest Karate Masters.  

Sensei Edji currently holds a 5th dan black belt ranking (Godan), internationally recognised by the Japan Karate Association (JKA) and the World Karate Federation (WKF). 

In 2001 he was graded to 4th dan (Yondan) by Master  Taiji Kase, a former student of Master Gichin Funakoshi who founded  Shotokan Karate. Throughout his teaching career, Sensei Edji has coached State,  National and International champions. 

He has proudly witnessed his students excel in life with  confidence and humility gained following years of disciplined training  at the Australian School of Shotokan Karate based in Thornbury, Victoria. 

Mt Hawthorn Instructor: Sensei Shamyla Lavea


Shamyla Lavea commenced Karate training in 1998 at a club (Dojo) in Muscat, Oman and the positive impact it has had on her life is remarkable.

In 2000, Shamyla moved to Melbourne, Australia and continued her Karate journey under the guidance of Sensei Edji Zenel at the JKA Dojo in Melbourne.

Shamyla has competed, coached and judged at State level for several years in the Victorian AKF Tournament Scene. She is now an active member for AKF WA.

Since moving to Perth, Western Australia, Shamyla has established a club in Mount Hawthorn, Perth. Her high standards of teaching and unique talent for motivating students of all ages have earned her the respect and admiration of her students and parents. Shamyla believes that training is a way of life and students will gain a new way of thinking which will guide their life, making them happier, healthier and a wiser person.

In 2018, Shamyla had the privilege to be graded under the watched eye of Shihan Stan Schmidt and Sensei Keith Geyer to 3rd dan black belt (Sandan), which is internationally recognised by the Japan Karate Association (JKA).